Glastar For Sale.

This Experimental Glastar Homebuilt is For Sale:


In case you don't already know, this is a Glastar experimental homebuilt kitplane. As you can see, it attracts a crowd. It is not a beautiful Glastar.  It is functional.  With its 180 hp Lycoming, new climb prop and 21 inch tires, it takes me where I want to go in a reasonable amount of time.  It is rugged and carries a good load. It climbs well which makes it great for getting out of those little mountain strips.  The fun in flying a Glastar like this one is in where it can take you.


The Airplane:


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    Sample ImageIt's low landing speed and 21 inch tires make it a good choice to get into those good campong spots.




    Sample Image




    It has always been hangared.




    Sample ImageIt's a perfect airplane to take you in and out of backcountry stirps with a good load.





    Sample Image



    It is a fun, yet practical airplane.




    Sample ImageWith its new climb prop and good rate of climb, it gets out of higher altitude backcountry camping spots.





    Sample Image




    It can take you to some wild and wonderful places that are only accessable by airplane.




    Sample ImageIt does a great job of dropping in over the trees into that perfect spot.





    Sample Image



    No fancy paint job, just a practical take-you-there vehicle built for fun.







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    A few details:

    750 hours total time (changing with continuing flights)

    180 hp Lycoming, 750 hours since new (changing with continuing flights)

    New Sensenich climb prop (big improvement in climb performance)

    New dual-puck brakes from Alaskan Bushwheel

    New 21" tires

    Aux wing tanks + removable internal auxillary tank

    58 gallon fuel capacity

    Scott tailwheel with fully reinforced tail section for rough country landings

    New custom carbon fiber baggage floorboards

    Some Silly Tag Stuff :

    It is a Glastar.  This Glastar homebuilt experimental kitplane aircraft is for sale.  Building the Glastar homebuilt experimental is what this site was originally about, but now it's about selling the flying Glastar.  This Glastar is for sale in Redding, California It's a Glastar aircraft or airplane.  It is a homebuilt experimental Glastar aircraft.  It is for sale.