In case you don't already know, this is a Glastar experimental homebuilt kitplane. The one above is a completed aircraft that I recently sold. It is rugged and carries a good load. It climbs well which makes it great for getting out of those little mountain strips.  The fun in flying a Glastar like this one is in where it can take you.


The Kit has been broken down for storage:


kit on gear

Glastar kit on trycycle gear while wings are being rigged.


kit on gear 2

Another pic on gear.


kit wings folded

Glastar kit with wings installed and folded.







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It is a Glastar.  This Glastar homebuilt experimental kit aircraft is for sale.  Building the Glastar homebuilt experimental is what this site was originally about, but now it's about selling the Glastar kit.  This Glastar kit is for sale in Redding, California It's a Glastar aircraft or airplane.  It is a homebuilt experimental Glastar aircraft.  It is for sale.